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It might feel like you are struggling to get a grip on search engine optimization, but it doesn’t have to be so complex. In fact, there are some basic ways of optimizing your website for search engines. They include:

Quality And Engaging Content

Something as basic good content that will interest people is a great place to start. Content represents the substance of the site, and if you don’t have substance, search engines aren’t going to notice.

Try to post on a consistent basis and try to make the content as useful as possible. At the very least, make it entertaining.

Find And Use Good Keywords

Instead of just choosing random keywords, try and find out how popular they are first. There are different software you can use to research the popularity of keywords specifically.

Take note that you don’t want to use the most popular ones, seeing as they have the most competition tied to them. Instead, go for solid keywords with the potential to gain popularity. Because once they do become popular, you’ll have a head start.

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Look at all the things that are slowing down the website. Now ask yourself if they are really necessary? The fewer distractions and speed-killers you have on the site the better. Users don’t like waiting, even if the site looks amazing.

Keep The Theme Responsive

Lastly, focus on getting your site super responsive to multiple devices. Given that more than half of online users access the internet via a mobile device, it only makes sense to cater to them as well. If you don’t, search engines are going to penalize you. Remember, everything is about user experience.

If you take a breath and just get your basic ducks in a row, you should see a significant difference in your ranking.



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