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Mullingar SEO – Website Marketing Tips

For most small businesses, a really worthy goal must be to rank at the top of the Google search engines for their product or service in their locality or region. By doing this you will gain a tremendous amount of trust, and by achieving a top position you know that a certain amount of traffic will land on your website every day, week or month, without constantly needing to pay for ads on Facebook or other social media sites.

It cannot be denied that social media has a strong role for modern businesses, but it remains true that when people are looking for something that their first port of call is Google, and with the advent of Google Home, and Amazon Echo and Alexa this will only increase.

There are three key activities that we recommend when assessing your position on the search engines –

Check Your Competition

How many links do they have to their site? Where are those links coming from, and can you acquire those links?

Content Creation

Continue to create, relevant, informative content that will be valuable for your customers.


With so many people primarily accessing the internet, by way of a mobile phone to ignore mobile-optimisation is unnecessarily foolish.

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