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At this point, I think we all appreciate that innovation will not be stopping anytime soon. For everyone in the online marketing world, the next big development on the horizon will be adapting SEO tactics for maximum compatibility with Voice Search.

With the advent of Rank Brain, and now Google Home and Amazon Echo & Alexa the days where low-quality linking work provided a benefit are long gone, and instead what will come next is real attention to detail in creating high-quality, well-organised content that does well in the new paradigm of voice-activated search.

The Power of the Spoken Word Is Back

Voice search, as you will appreciate means that the spoken word is now going to regain a lot of its power, at least online anyway, and in terms of finding what you’re looking for, it’s almost as good as Aladdin’s Lamp. But, you have to understand that the content you create needs to adapt and become more conversational in order to better fit the new parameters of voice search.

Of course, there will be a period of adaptation, and likely much trial and error, but make no mistake this technology is here to stay, and for those who adapt quickly the rewards will always be the greatest.


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