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SEO Tactics for Lisburn Business Websites in 2018

Google loves content, or to be more accurate Googles loves well-organised, relevant to users content served up in a rich snippet eligible format, on a fast-loading, mobile-friendly website.

If you just copy the above sentence, that will certainly give you a good starting position, but let us explain a little further. In 2016, Google introduced Rank Brain, a machine learning Artificial Intelligence program designed to sift and grade content. They’re doing this because the future of SEO is content and user experience. But content first.

But not just any content, in recognition of the proliferation of voice search in the future your content should be concise and direct. It should toward the conversational, in order to better match voice searches and it should be prolific, really digging into the concerns and motivations of your customers, and providing answers to their most common questions and queries.