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Understanding SEO & Digital Marketing in South Africa

Most people understand the importance of search engine optimization (SEO), but getting started with an SEO campaign when you haven’t done this before can feel overwhelming. It’s certainly a challenge! However, when you find yourself building your first SEO campaign, following a few basic steps or guides can go a long way to making things easier and smoother.

Start On-Site

The first place to start with optimizing your website is with what you can directly control on-site. Google wants fantastic high-quality content that is ideally 100% original. That is a great place to start and if you use a writer with a lot of talent, Google can tell the difference between great writing and mediocre writing.

Look at using proper header tags, meta tags, and alt tags. These tell Google bots what are important, what pictures actually show, and help add extra juice behind the keywords you want to rank for without spamming the page.

Make sure you have proper contact information up, as well as necessary pages like “About Us,” “Contact,” or if you run an affiliate site, an FTC Disclaimer as well as any affiliate disclaimers.

Genuine Outreach

At this point its no secret that backlinks are important, but there are many conflicting ideas about if getting guest post backlinks is good, bad, or something in between. Generally speaking, as long as these are genuine blogs you are reaching out to and you are focusing on backlinks to your brand (website name) or URL then Google is okay with that.

When fake websites are made just for links or all your backlinks are keyword anchored, that’s when you get into serious trouble. Avoid those like the plague. Reach out to webmasters via e-mail and see what type of feedback you can get.

Keep in mind always adding value instead of gaming Google – focus on giving your readers what they would want and high rankings will follow.

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