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Why Use Search Engine Marketing In Cork

Are you having a difficult time competing against a ton of other businesses in your industry? With so many businesses vying for the attention of the same target market, it proves vital to stand out and make prospects feel compelled to choose your business over everybody else. But just how can you achieve this?

One effective method is to increase your search engine visibility. Studies indicate that 90% of online consumers search for products or services they’re interested in. This can translate to hundreds, if not thousands, of prospective customers looking you up on Google. Keep reading to learn why you should start using search engine marketing in Cork.

The Importance Of Ranking Number One

If you have heard of search engine optimisation before, then you may wonder why businesses spend a boatload of money just to rank number one on Google. These businesses are not putting their money to waste. In fact, they are making a fortune simply by reaching the top spot for their target keywords.

It’s essential to understand that the number one organic listing on Google receives about 30% of the total clicks. Just imagine your web pages ranking on top for multiple keywords used by prospective customers. This can be just what you need to drive a stream of highly-targeted traffic to your website. Even if it requires an initial investment, you can expect to generate excellent returns in the long run.

How SEO Helps Business Growth

For many years now, search engines have been the largest source of inbound web traffic. Google alone processes billions of search queries every single day. Your prospective customers are among the users of Google, and you need to figure out what search terms they use when finding your products or services. The process of keyword research allows you to discover what search terms prove most profitable. By ranking for your chosen keywords, you can increase the organic visibility of your website.

What’s great about SEO is its cost-effectiveness. Yes, you need to invest money on various services in order to optimise your website and increase its chances of ranking in the organic listings. But once you reach the top, the amount of money you spend goes down significantly. You may still need monthly retainer services along with regular updates to your content, but you’ll realise that it can save you a lot of money compared to using other forms of online marketing.

Should You Use PPC?

Another method to boost your search engine visibility is to use PPC ads. Also called pay-per-click, these are the ads you see showing up along with the organic search listings. Many shy away from PPC because it requires a bigger amount of money compared to SEO, but you should learn that it has its rightful place in your overall strategy.

The advantage to using PPC is that it can generate traffic to your website instantly. SEO can take several months before providing any noticeable improvement in rankings. One strategy is to use PPC to drive traffic to your site even if it’s brand new, and then stopping once you’ve reached the first page for your target keywords using SEO.

There’s a reason why businesses continue to allocate their marketing dollars toward expanding their web presence. Investing in search engine marketing in Cork can be just what you need to build brand awareness and generate more targeted leads.