Best SEO Company Bristol – Online Marketing Tactics for Websites in Bristol

Bristol SEO – Local Online Marketing

The trends that we see rolling out for 2018 are increased prominence given to returning local search information. Simply put it will become easier for local business websites to rank locally. As Google learns more and more about their users, it is their objective to provide increasingly relevant searches that get to the core of their customers’ search query.

If you’re a local business with products or services on your website that is an excellent start and we recommend you do everything you can to highlight the attractiveness and suitability of your products and services to a local clientele.

Hand in hand with this goes mobile optimisation, as more and more shopping is done phone in hand seeking reviews and pricing comparisons. With that said, for the near term future backlinks will still have an important factor role to play in the relevance attributed to your site, and so they should not be ignored.