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SEO & Digital Marketing for Business in New Zealand

You may have heard about it in one of your meetings, or read about it online. What is it? Here are a simple explanation and definition that you can easily remember: this is a form of advertising or marketing your products and/or services that make use of electronic devices. It can be radio, television, or mobile devices.

As compared to 12 years ago, people spend more time on their online devices. While digital marketing may still involve radio and tv ads, a lot has changed, and offline marketing isn’t just as effective as the way it was before.¬†Marketing is all about connecting with your audience – and right now, most of your audience is spending time on the internet.

Different Types Of Digital Marketing Strategies in Auckland

SEO – this is the process of ranking your website higher in different search engine results, which in turn can improve your organic traffic. Targeted traffic = more sales.

Inbound Marketing – this is a method to attract, convert and even the ability to close sales through your online content.`

Affiliate Marketing – don’t have any products to sell? Good news, you don’t have to! Share and promote other people’s products and/or services on your website and receive a commission¬†for doing so.

Email Marketing – this is used to communicate with people who are already interested in your business or website. You can promote events, discounts, on-going promotions and even content, and yes, to direct those people to your website as well.

Social Media Networking – there is no denying that the majority of individuals spend time on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and LinkedIn. Posting on these social media channels isn’t enough. You have to become aware on what makes a post “interesting” enough for it to go “viral”.

If your audience is engaging with your post(s), the most likely they’ll share it, and at the end of the day, they are the ones most likely you can convert into a customer. Additionally, these people can also influence their friends, and they can become your customers as well.

In general, digital marketing is not limited to just one business or industry. It works for most. No matter what your website is all about, digital marketing is all about identifying the needs of your audience, and at the same time, making sure that you create valuable content online. However, you have to understand that businesses differ when it comes to implementing a digital marketing strategy – it varies, a lot. It is important that you understand your audience, to figure out which strategy works best for your business.


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